2021 Bastianich Ribolla Gialla D.O.C



The star of an unexpected renaissance, Ribolla Gialla is finding international fame and appreciation lost over time.

Its secret lies in its low alcohol content, its intriguing, fresh aromas, and (in the most exciting versions) in its incredible minerality. Its pale yellow color suggests its immediate drinkability, while the freshness and minerality from the nose are echoed with vivid clarity on the palate.

Distinctly fresh fruit forms the basis for the entire structure of the wine, leading to a broad range of flavours and unexpected depth for a white wine.

The finish is long and pleasant and invites another sip… and another glass. You could call this the perfect wine to relax and recharge with on a warm summer day, and also as an aperitif because of its easy drinking pleasantness.


  • Aroma of tropical fruit, apple and grapefruit
  • Hints of minerality on the nose
  • Dry
  • Simple, easy drinking
  • Light to Medium bodied


  • 2018 ‘Due Bicchieri’ Gambero Rosso
  • 2018 James Suckling (90 points)
  • Veronelli (87 points)
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The Finer Details

What does our Somm say?

This Ribolla Gialla D.O.C from Bastianich is a dream for food pairing due to it’s versatility.


A high acidity makes it suitable for many different dishes where palate cleansing is needed: excellent with a buttery fish dish, risotto with seafood, with fried vegetables or fish and chips.


I’ve enjoyed this with a simple but high quality brie cheese on cranberry crackers and thoroughly enjoyed it as an Aperitivo. It’s even been tried and adored alongside ‘sweet and sour’ oriental dishes such as fried pork or tofu dishes and delicious casual foods like crispy pork Banh Mi (Vietnamese rolls) with fresh chilli.


Whichever context you enjoy your Ribolla Gialla in, just make sure you’re chilling it to the correct temperature to really enhance its fruity and fresh profile.


Optimal Serving Temp: 10 Degrees Celsius


Drinking age: Drink now to 5 years


The Winery

Founded in 1997, the Bastianich winery, then formed solely of the Buttrio vineyards, marked the owner’s return to their origins, and a reappropriation of their territorial identity. An immigrant in the United States as a child, Lidia, and her son Joe, born in the U. S., lived their lives and realized their careers in the United States.


Despite the distance and the difficulties of the global markets, the company has forged ahead, making the very high quality of its wines and their image a valuable calling card and a consistent standard-bearer in the wine world. Many, in fact, are the awards by guides, magazines and sectoral tasters.


Mother and son, famous for their eclectic world-view, are not just restaurateurs, television personalities and authors, but also lovers of wine and good-living in general. Their foresight has also allowed them to continually enlarge the scope of their passions and skills. The results are obvious to anyone familiar with their endeavours.


The Bastianich winery brand is bound to the family name, which has become synonymous with the development and realization of various projects, all of which are renowned for their quality, and their respect for culture and tradition. These endeavours are not only successful in terms of business, but also for the support and growth of their immediate neighbourhoods, their employees, and the promotion of the culture of Italian wine and food.


For more, follow @bastianichwines



  • Ribolla Gialla 100%


Alcohol Content: 12.5%
Bottle Size: 750ml


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