2020 Colomba Bianca Perricone Sicilia D.O.C



‘Resilience’ Perricone is a Doc Sicilia wine, ruby purple-red with bright and intense reflexions.

 Typical varietal notes of sour cherry, small red berries and delicate scents of rose hip bind well with scents of elegant spices and delight the nose.

Upon drinking, the taste is wide, warm and enveloping on the palate with round tannins, elegant and velvety. With a fruity and sumptuous aftertaste, this Sicilian red pairs well with char-grilled noble meats, meat stews and traditional Sicilian first courses.


  • Aroma of sour cherry and rose hip
  • Notes of spice, pepper, tobacco and oak on the nose
  • Balanced Acidity
  • Wide and warm in the mouth
  • Semi Dry & Bold
  • Full Body
  • Organic & Vegan
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The Finer Details

What does our Somm say?

Colomba Bianca created a range of wines that carry the name ‘Resilience’ for a good reason. After an entire zone of vineyards was wiped out due to earthquakes in the 80’s, most wine producers left the area, abandoning their ruined crops and lands from fear of history repeating itself.


The winemakers at Colomba Bianca’s wine estate in this area instead decided to stay, fixing their wine crops and renaming this estate ‘Resilience’. Today, to honour the spirit of dedication and hope of the Sicilian Wine making community, all the wines produced from that same historical estate now carry the same name ‘Resilience’.


Perricone is a little-known grape native to west Sicily, and is rarely transformed into a dedicated, Sicilia D.O.C wine in its pure form. That’s what makes this Resilience Perricone Sicilia D.O.C such a delight.


In terms of food pairing, try this wine with a traditional eggplant parmigiana, braised lamb ragu pasta, of pizza of italian sausage & broccoletti. Alternatively, get hold of some good quality steaks and you will feel this wine sing!


If you like to enjoy your bold reds outside of meal setting, get yourself setup with some quality, aged, sharp cheeses, such as cheddar, manchego, parmigiano reggiano or even a gruyere.


However you choose to enjoy this wine, make sure to get yourself some appropriate oversized wine glasses, designed to allow the wine to open up and bring out its structure and complexity further.



Optimal Serving Temp: 16-18 Degrees Celsius



The Winery

Colomba Bianca is a Sicilian Vine Growers Cooperative located in Western Sicily, Italy. It was founded in 1970 and today is one of the biggest Sicilian Cooperative.


The company today can count on 2500 partners and extends along 7500 hectares of vineyards with 5 wineries distributed in the whole territory. The vineyards can be found in areas which benefit of a vast pedoclimatic diversity, from the low coastal areas up to an altitude of 600 metres above sea level: chalky, clay and sandy soils.


Colomba Bianca is one of the biggest producers of organic wine in Europe with 1.800 ha of organic vineyards. Quality is their strength: we study deeply their terroir and each year they publish a book where all these findings are detailed in order to provide useful knowledge to wine farmers, oenologists, communicators and customers. Their sense of community and respect of their terroir is admirable.


 The sustainability of their wines is not limited to the organic production but is extended to other concepts such as support to their winegrowers throughout the production cycle, the health of workers in the vineyard, guaranteed by the absence of pesticides in the organic vineyards, the health of consumers: the use of sulphites in Colomba Bianca wines is very limited in order to ensure greater digestibility of the same; the presence of sulphites in the organic wines is significantly lower than the legal limits, and vegan certification of their wines.


For more, follow @colombabiancabiocantine



  • Perricone 100% (also known as Pignatello)


Drinking Age: Drink now to within 5 years


Alcohol Content: 14.5%
Bottle Size: 750ml


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