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Limoncello di Sorrento I.G.P


From the lemons of Sorrento an exquisite bitter-sweet liqueur was born. The Pollio family have cultivated the oval variety of lemon, a succulent citrus of great value, and transformed it to an artisan Limoncello that showcases the unmistakeable aroma and taste of Sorrentine Lemons.

‘Il Convento’ is a third generation small family producer of artisan Limoncello. Their orchards grace an estate previously occupied for centuries by a religious order of agricultural monks, on the coastal hills overlooking Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast of South Italy.

The history, gentle farming techniques, passion of the Pollio family and inimitable Lemons of Sorrento make this Limoncello stand out from the crowd.

Chill to perfection and try a taste of the Southern Italian Summer.


  • Fresh Sorrentine Lemons
  • Bitter citrus notes
  • Sweet Digestive drink
  • Reminds us of summer on the Amalfi coast
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The Finer Details

What does our Somm say?

Generally speaking, Limoncello has always been served as an after dinner ‘digestivo’, particularly in the summer months when dining ‘Al fresco’ (out in the open) makes you crave a refreshing but sweet end to your meal.


Make sure your ‘Il Convento’ Limoncello is placed in the freezer for some hours before serving. To seem extra expert, place your limoncello glasses (small glass or ceramic shot glasses or some boujie digestivo glasses) on a tray and chill them also in the fridge, to avoid heating up the liquid once poured.


This liqueur is not usually served as an accompaniment with dessert, but more as the final flourish of a quality meal or special occasion. If you really want to serve this liqueur with something, I would recommend matching it to citrus flavours, such as a limoncello shortbread or bitter chocolate with a lemon cream centre.


Optimal Serving Temp: Chill in the freezer


‘Il Convento’ Limoncello Estate

The origins of this amazing estate lie in a religious order of monks on the hill tops of Sorrento in South Italy. They tended to their garden, including orchards of olives and lemons. A stone church stands at the entrance to this steep property, murals of St. Francis painted on its face. A historic, and cultural place of importance for the surrounding community.


So how did this become one of the most highly regarded producers of artisan Limoncello? It all started in 1935 when Mr Antonino Pollio, a farm labourer, purchased the abandoned monastery grounds. Through his dedication, understanding of the land, and cultivation techniques of the epoca, he was able to revive the land and see it flourish, growing and producing the famous ‘Ovale’ species of Sorrentine Lemons that eventually made Limoncello of Sorrento.


The deep faith of the Pollio family has created a strong bond with the religious world; in fact, the first crop was offered to the Prior of the convent of Saint Francis which has always been a spiritual guide for the family. Uncle Peppino the older brother even had the image of Saint Francis stamped on the wine vats for good luck. The close knit Pollio family have passed down through the generations their love and respect for all that the land and nature has to offer.


The farm today is run by Peppe Pollio, who from the age of 15 was already showing an interest and accompanied his father in the lemon orchards. He eventually became an independent farmer so followed his passion combining nature and farming. During the 1990’s he decided to expand by bottling wine followed by olive oil this gradually increased to become the total production and in 1995 they were able to transform the lemons into the highly successful Limoncello.


The Pollio family use only organic farming techniques, respecting the plants and terrain with care and love. This preserves the unmistakable aroma from their Sorrento Lemons – their Limoncello is unrivalled in taste and quality.


For more, follow @ilconvento_


Lemons: Sorrento ‘Ovale’ Lemons I.G.T 100%


Alcohol Content: 34%
Bottle Size: 700ml

1 review for Limoncello di Sorrento I.G.P

  1. Maria Galati

    The best Limoncello my husband and I have had. Thank you for the quick delivery. Cheers, Maria

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