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Let us introduce you to ‘I Campioni’ (‘The Champions’) of the Italian beverage world, from iconic Italian producers Cester Camillo: Birra Baracca Italian Lager, and Sidro Del Bosco (100% Italian Apple Cider), awarded for two years in a row now as Australian’s BEST International Apple Cider.

Two super interesting beverages from both an artisanal production and historical perspective (check out the Birra Baracca story below), these two drops are perfect for afternoon ‘bevs’, or fancy alternative pairings to varied cuisines.

This Pack contains:

  • Birra Baracca Italian Lager x 12 Bottles (330mL Bottles)
  • Sidro Del Bosco (100% Italian Apple Cider) x 12 Bottles (330mL Bottles)
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The Finer Details

Cester Camillo Birra Baracca (4.8% Italian Lager)
(Pack Contains 12 x Bottles of 330mL)

Birra Baracca has a straw yellow appearance with a fresh scent of hops and a smooth flavour of

yeast. With a gentle dry finish and persistent head of foam, this lager is an easy drinking beer that’s a perfect all-rounder to suit endless occasions. Ideal for your next ‘aperitif’ catch up and wow your mates with the amazing back story connected with this fine Italian lager.


  • Italian Lager
  • 8% (Full strength) Beer
  • Easy drinking
  • Dry finish
  • Amazing story

Food Pairing

  • Gourmet Pizza
  • Creamy Pastas
  • Fried Seafood baskets
  • Spicy Southeast Asian Food
  • Mexican cuisine

An Amazing Story

From 1915 to 1918, between the river Piave and the slopes of the hills of ‘Montello’, the skies were covered by the wonders of aeronautics, while on the ground the smell of gunpowder and the perfumes of the forest, farms and the flowers mixed together. It was WW1 and Italy was under siege. Many valiant men left their wives, children and their mothers to defend their country. Francesco Baracca, one of the most famous fighter pilots in Italian history, was one of these men.

He was born in 1888, and after attending the military academy in the cavalry department, he travelled to the pilot academy at Bethany in France to obtain his flight license, and it wasn’t long before Francesco was soon recognized for his natural aero-acrobatic skills. With the First World War breaking in Italy, Baracca returned home and became a protagonist in the first successes of Italian war aviation. He led the so-called “squadron of the axes” composed of the best aviators of the Royal Army. His machine was a ‘Spad S.VII’, with the black Prancing Horse painted on the white background of the fuselage side. This prancing horse originated from his family’s noble coat of arms.

A total of 34 victorious air battles where his, until that ill-fated day of 19 June 1918 when his plane was shot down near Nervesa della Battaglia by enemy forces.

His mother, the Countess Baracca, was desperate to see the youthful spirit and bravery of her son live on. It was for this reason that she gifted Francesco Baracca’ s symbol of the prancing black horse to a young Enzo Ferrari at his first automobile race. Enzo Ferrari wrote: “When I won the first circuit of ‘The Savio’ in Ravenna in 1923, I met Contessa Paolina. It was she who told me one day: ‘Ferrari, put on your automobiles the prancing horse of my son. It will bring you luck.’ When Francesco Baracca’ s plane was shot down in 1918 onto the hills of Nervesa della Battaglia, it was on the same fields that are now home to the Cester Camillo family, where Birra Baracca is handcrafted today.

This lager, Birra Baracca, is an homage to the spirit of Italian ingenuity, bravery and passion.

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Brewing Process:

This superior Lager is produced using the best spring barley. The lager undergoes a slow bottom fermentation at a low temperature, followed by a cold maturation period.


Alcohol Content: 4.8%
Bottle Size: 330ml


Cester Camillo – Sidro Del Bosco (100% Italian Apple Cider)

(Pack Contains 12 x Bottles of 330mL)

Sidro del Bosco (meaning ‘Cider of the Forest’) exhibits the refined taste and style of true Italian products. It boasts a dry carbonated bubble. Organically farmed Granny Smith, Golden & Pink Lady apples are the three characters that meet to create balance in this Sidro by Cester Camillo. Then it’s poured to reveal a white gold colour, best served in a glass over lots of ice.

Good thirst-quencher at any time of the day. Perfect as an aperitif or a sought alternative to wine or beer, with a meal. Even accompanies dessert well. The taste is the perfect accompaniment to cheeses, pork dishes and desserts.


  • White gold
  • Fine and persistent bubble
  • Not too dry, not too sweet.
  • Delicious notes of green apple, honey and spring
  • Crowd favourite

Food Pairing

  • Cheeses such as Blue vein, Brie or Aged Cheddar
  • Burgers
  • Turkey Toasties
  • Roast Pork with crackling
  • Rocket, Apple, Parmesan & Walnut Salad
  • Cinnamon doughnuts
  • Apple Pie
  • Gingerbread


  • 2019 Australian Cider Awards (Gold Medal) – Best International Cider
  • 2019 Australian Cider Awards (Winner) – Best International Cider
  • 2018 Australian Cider Awards Australian (Silver Medal) – Best International Cider


  • Golden Delicious Apples
  • Granny Smith Apples
  • Pink Lady Apples

Cider Sparkling Process:

  • Traditional Prosecco method of Charmat-Martinotti but applied to an apple cider! The cider is bottled after second fermentation in steel tanks where the internal pressure increases for a month to around 4.5 atm.


Alcohol Content: 6%
Bottle Size:

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