Prosecco D.O.C. Brut Treviso


A harmonious prosecco from the traditional superior D.O.C. region of Treviso, North Italy.
It’s a bit drier, yet harmonious and silky on the palate. Pale hay coloured  drop with a fine and persistent bubble. Elegant and smooth.


  • Aroma of Fresh Apple,
  • Wisteria & Acacia Florals
  • Dry
  • Silky bubbles
  • Full Character


  • 2019 International Decanter Awards, Bronze Medal
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The Finer Details

What does our Somm say?

Generally speaking, any creamy, buttery, fried or spicy food will be enhanced if you match it to Prosecco.


Prosecco has traditionally been enjoyed as an ‘Aperitivo’ (before dinner drinks), or post meal drop. That’s not to say you can’t pair it with some delicious bites and enhance your food!


The acidity and dry notes of this prosecco work well with fried entrees (samosa’s, whitebait, potato chips, even buttered popcorn!), seafood. Cheese of the same region, such as Asiago or Trevigiana obviously works as a historic food companion , however a creamy Brie works too!


Optimal Serving Temp: 6-8 Degrees Celsius


The Winery

Cester Camillo are producers of 100% Italian Prosecco and cider. Their boutique family estate can be found in the enchanting ‘DOC’ region of Nervesa Della Battaglia, Treviso, Italia, nestled between the banks of the Piave River and the beautiful Montello hill.


Most days you can find Giovanni (third generation winemaker) keeping an eye on the steel tanks of new vintage, or the health of the soil –  while his father (Adrianet) will happily tend to his small beloved fields on a small blue tractor.


This Prosecco is made from grapes on 2700 vines per hectare, the winery has an imprint of 20 hectares.

For more, follow @cestercamillo

What is D.O.C Treviso?

If you see D.O.C. on your prosecco label, this refers to the Italian acronym ‘Denominazione di Origine Controllata’ (or ‘Controlled designation of origin’).


For a Prosecco to have ‘D.O.C.’ on it’s label, it’s production of prosecco needs to fall into one of the four provinces determined by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, preserving this wine’s historical and geographical significance, and promoting Prosecco of true quality. ‘Treviso D.O.C.’ reflects an even higher quality prosecco, like Cester Camillo’s.



  • Glera 90%
  • Chardonnay 10%


Sparkling Process:

  • Traditional Prosecco method of Charmat-Martinotti. The wine is bottled after second fermentation in steel tanks where the internal pressure increases for a month to around 4.5 atm.


Alcohol Content: 11%
Bottle Size: 750ml

4 reviews for Prosecco D.O.C. Brut Treviso

  1. jenny Stephenson (verified owner)

    loved this. A little on the sweeter side but beautiful mouth feel.

  2. Carolyn

    I was gifted a bottle of this wonderful Prosecco and wow it was wonderful – so wonderful in fact I’m buying a few bottles here to wow my friends in a few weeks. Highly recommend.

  3. Ben (verified owner)

    This is much loved by all family and friends, it is such a great all rounded to start, continue and have to toast any special occasion without breaking the bank. It is by far the tastiest prosecco out there, simply outstanding !

  4. John Picc

    Have been sharing this Prosecco with family & friends over a decade. It has consistently charmed us with its effervescent dance of bubbles and crisp, refreshing taste. Its golden hue hints at the vibrant flavors within – a harmonious blend of green apple, pear, and a subtle floral undertone. The effervescence remains lively, creating a lively and celebratory experience with each sip. This enduring favorite has proven its reliability, making it a timeless choice for those who appreciate the artistry of a well-crafted Prosecco. Cheers to a decade of unwavering excellence!

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