2015 Recioto di Soave D.O.C.G ‘Tre Colli’


‘Tre Colli’

Tre Colli means “Three Hills”, where Tessari’s estate is placed. Before the harvest the best grapes are personally and exclusively selected by the family members, to make them dry naturally until February.

Tessari’s sweet wine, Tre Colli, is a hedonist’s dream. Elegant, rich, and with a beautiful aroma, with the colour of Black Locust Honey.

If you like to enjoy your wines to have a sweet note, you must try Tessari’s expression of Recioto di Soave D.O.C.G ‘Tre Colli’


  • Certified Organic
  • Medium bodied
  • Dessert Wine
  • Powerful nose of dried fruit, raisins
  • Aromas of honey, summer white flower and touch of custard
  • Elegant


  • 2019 Awarded ‘Tre Bicchieri’ Gambero Rosso
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The Finer Details

What does our Somm say?

I love to enjoy this dessert wine with, well…dessert! Desserts that would complement this wine without overpowering it would be a traditional fruit tart, crostata di mela or figs, the Italian cake ‘panettone’ or spiced shortbreads.


If you’re more into cheeses, this wine is delicious with a plate of high quality cranberry and treacle crackers, and a few aged or bitey cheeses (Manchego, Monte Veronese, Aged Pecorino, aged Parmigiano Reggiano).


The Tessari family are super proud of this lovely, award winning dessert wine. The grapes are hand harvested and deposited on plastic crates for drying naturally in a well observed, perfectly ventilated area in the highest part of the winery for 5 months. The wine is then fermented in stainless steel tanks for almost one year and kept in the bottle for another year


Optimal Serving Temp: 10-12 Degrees Celsius


Drinking Age: Drink Now to 12 months.


The Winery

Tessari winery was founded in 1933 by Antonio Tessari. Now run by his grandchildren who all hold the Tessari name, this winery has attracted attention at the major wine shows such as Vinitaly, for their high quality wines, beautiful estate and dedicated care to their craft.


The winery is found in Monteforte d’Alpone, in volcanic and clayish angled hills and mountains of the Northern Italian region of Veneto.


In terms of winemaking,  it’s the high quality care and attention to their plants and production that set the Tessari apart in their region. The family carefully select the grapes, to ferment in absolute absence of sulphites, protecting grapes from oxidation using natural tannins not interfering with the grape characteristics: healthy grapes and high cleanliness prevent bacteria proliferation in the first phases of wine making.


The long stay on lees and the batonnage facilitates the extraction of the glutathione, one of the strongest antioxidants found in nature. They are therefore able to obtain wines that preserve the typicalness of their hills of Monteforte, respecting the natural expression of Soave Classico D.O.C.


For more, follow @tessaricortegrisela


What does Recioto di Soave ‘D.O.C.G’ means?

The D.O.C.G portion of ‘Soave D.O.C.G’ refers to the Italian acronym ‘Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita’ (or ‘Guaranteed Controlled designation of origin’), which basically means that the grapes are grown within the smaller, superior area of the Soave wine region.


When you see ‘Recioto di Soave D.O.C.G’ it simply means that there are geographical, growth and wine production guidelines that must be strictly followed to allow for this to be labelled on their wine.


In addition, the ‘Recioto’ version of Soave D.O.C.G follows guidelines of the ‘appassimento’ process whereby the grapes are dried out to further refine the sugars within the grapes and allow this delicious dessert wine to be created.



  • Garganega 100%


Alcohol Content: 13.5%
Bottle Size: 500ml


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