Rosé Cuvée Extra Dry


Well. What a pretty, captivating little drop we have here.

This Rosé Cuvée Extra Dry is an elegant combination of two grape varieties (Glera & Raboso), native to the North Italian Prosecco region of Treviso.

It’s soft on the palate, has delicate perlage, and has become a favourite of the crowds at the annual Prosecco Festival of Melbourne.

Regal. Pleasurable to the drinker. Beautiful.


  • Rose petal pink
  • Lively
  • Not too dry, not too sweet.
  • Fragrant notes of red fruit, peach and citrus
  • Lightly structured
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The Finer Details

What does our Somm say?

Technically, ‘Pink Prosecco’ doesn’t exist, but this is as close as you’d get to that. This Rosé Cuvée from Cester Camillo uses a base of ‘Extra Dry’ Prosecco, with extra complexity added to the tint and flavour profile by bleeding in skin contact with the red grape Raboso.


Mostly, this wine shines when appreciated with a cheese platter or by itself.

However, if you’d like to enjoy with a dish, you need to respect that it’s delicate. By this, I mean, best to match it with risotto’s, white meats, shellfish, grilled fish, sushi or sashimi. Personally, I enjoy it with a light salad or snapper (in a fennel and lemon sauce).


Optimal Serving Temp: 8-10 Degrees Celsius


Drinking Age: Drink Now


The Winery

Cester Camillo are producers of 100% Italian Prosecco, Rosé Cuvée and cider. Their boutique family estate can be found in the enchanting ‘DOC’ region of Nervesa Della Battaglia, Treviso, Italia, nestled between the banks of the Piave River and the beautiful Montello hill.


Most days you can find Giovanni (third generation winemaker) keeping an eye on the steel tanks of new vintage, or the health of the soil –  while his father (Adrianet) will happily tend to his beloved fields on a small blue tractor.


The winery has 2700 vines per hectare, with an imprint of 20 hectares.

For more, follow @cestercamillo


What does Rosé Cuvée mean?

While the term ‘Cuvee’ is French and has its origins in French winemaking, in the instance of this wine, the ‘Cuvée’ refers to the fact that the wine is made using a blend of wine from multiple vats, whereas the ‘Rosé’ is a nod to its beautiful colour.



  • Glera 95%
  • Raboso 5% (Skin Contact for bleeding colour and complexity of flavour only)


Sparkling Process:

  • Traditional Prosecco method of Charmat-Martinotti. The wine is bottled after second fermentation in steel tanks where the internal pressure increases for a month to around 4.5 atm.


Alcohol Content: 11%
Bottle Size: 750ml

1 review for Rosé Cuvée Extra Dry

  1. Lizzy

    One of the most delicious prosecco-based Rose’s I’ve ever tasted! Fresh, delicate and very ‘more-ish’. My go- to celebratory drink!

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