2014 Valtellina Superiore Riserva D.O.C.G ‘Uì’



This Riserva D.O.C.G (made with 100% Nebbiolo Grapes) from the Valtellina Superiore region (Alps) of Lombardy in North Italy is a highly awarded wine, with an elegant garnet red colour.

The nose is complex; opened by floral aromas of violet, then followed by ripe plums, currants and cherries in alcohol, and finally also by rhubarb, and green undergrowth.

The mouth is direct and structured, soft but at the same time well present in the tannic texture, consistent with the sense of smell, warm in the mouth and long-lasting on the palate.

Through the winery’s hand-picked harvest, partial drying of the grapes and reinforcement techniques, this wine is given additional depth of flavour and aroma.

Aged for 24 months in French oak, the full body of this wine has mild tannins but high acidity on the palate. A truly impressive red wine from Rivetti and Lauro, both delicious to enjoy now but will age beautifully (maybe chuck one in your cellar?)

Elegant. Refined. Full bodied. Long to finish in the mouth. The Nebbiolo grape, but not as you’ve ever tried before.


  • Intense garnet colour
  • Warm and long finish in the mouth
  • Fragrant notes of ripe plums and currants
  • Notes of preserved cherries in alcohol on the nose
  • Structured on the palate
  • Full bodied & Rich


  • 2019 Decanter International Wine Awards (Bronze Medal)
  • 2018 Blind Tasted Awards (89 points)
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The Finer Details

What does our Somm say?

There’s a reason why this Riserva Valtellina Superiore D.O.C.G from Rivetti & Lauro is so highly regarded.

It’s a wonderful full bodied wine, capable of offering intensity, softness, consistency and substance,  with a long finish.


As I breathe in this delicious ‘North Italian Nebbiolo’ I pick up dark fruit and currant aromas with noticeable red fruit bouquet, slightly gingerbread notes. On the palate, it has mild tannins and a soft texture. Warm in the mouth, pleasurable, and with a long finish.


Wines with such presence, such as this Riserva Valtellina Superiore ‘Uì’ D.O.C.G. from Rivetti & Lauro, can definitely be enjoyed outside of a formal meal setting, with rich cheeses, dried fruits and good quality dark salamis.


However, every great Italian wine ‘sings’ when enjoyed with a meal, and for this wine, the earthy and rich qualities of game meat such as venison, duck, pheasant, wild boar or even kangaroo are well paired to meet this wine’s powerful taste. Alternatively, a home made meat pie, meatloaf or rich vegetable casserole could work too.


The great news is, rich sauces or stews will be enhanced by this delicious drop, so don’t worry about eating light if you want to crack open a bottle.

My personal favourite? Try this with slow cooked goat, creamy potato mash, and a sauce of blueberry wine reduction.



Optimal Serving Temp: 14-16 Degrees Celsius


Drinking Age: Drink Now


The Winery

The Rivetti & Lauro winery originates from the traditional wine making of the mountains of Lombardy In North Italy. The vineyards of Valtellina tell us centuries of history and tradition. They are the largest terraced wine-growing area in the Italian mountains. A place where it is produced Nebbiolo, a great vine for a wine of noble and extraordinary quality.


Founded by three professionals whose dream to use the famous Nebbiolo grape in their region of Lombardia, Rivetti & Lauro employs modern techniques in their growth of grapes and wine production; organic and biodynamic, in harmony with the mountain environment.


Rivetti & Lauro only makes manual vintages, collecting the best grapes into boxes by hand. After the careful work of selection, the grape is vinificated into small tanks and then refined into French oak barrels, tonneaux and barriques. In their wine it is possible to find the scent and characteristic of their beloved territory.


The territory of their winery is in Lombardy, next to the border of Switzerland and by the sides of Lake Como. The commercial and cellar activities are house in the centre of the historic North Italian town of Tirano, within ‘The Palace of Torelli’.


The vineyards are at different altitudes in the areas of Sassella, Inferno, Vagella and the surroundings of Tirano. To each vine, its own distinct wine is produced.


For more, follow @rivettielauro



  • Nebbiolo 100%


Alcohol Content: 13.5%
Bottle Size: 750ml


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