2020 Vermentino Di Sardegna D.O.C.



This surprising, native white wine of Sardegna has become a crowd favourite, and we’re not even referring to all the awards it’s won. A straw yellow drop with greenish reflections, the fresh floral notes and fruits dance in harmony with an underlying minerality. This wine has us dreaming of yachts, white cliffs, soft sun and long summers.

‘Sabbia’ (‘translating to ‘Sand’ from Italian) is a poetic nod to the surrounds of where this wine is harvested from – the Italian island of Sardegna, a place of inimitable, rich history of wine and culinary traditions.

The organic soil on which the vineyards grow have a unique limestone matrix, upon rocky hills that overlook the crystal blue sea of the Gulf of Asinara. This wine is carefully matured through regular sampling and harvested by hand in small crates to ensure maximum quality ensues in the wine production.


  • Floral feelings on the mouth and nose
  • Notes of tropical fruit aroma
  • Wonderful minerality and persistent flavour
  • Sapid


  • 2019 Silver International Wine Spirits Competition, United Kingdom
  • 2018 Bronze International Wine Spirits Competition, United Kingdom
  • 2018 Included in the 5 Star Wine guidebook
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The Finer Details

What does our Somm say?

If you’re an average Australia drinker, you may not have heard of ‘Vermentino’ of Sardegna. Well, you may have just met your new favourite wine.


Vermentino D.O.C. di Sardegna is produced from the same name of grape, grown on the Italian island of Sardegna, since the 14th century. This wine is one of the most highly regarded Italian white wines, benefitting enormously from its sun-kissed, hilltop terroir and the added light reflection provided by surrounding oceans.


For being a fresh and floral white wine, this drop is super versatile with food.

We love to enjoy this wine with anything that you would match with it, in its own traditional surrounds – so all things seafood, fish dishes and summer salads. To be more specific, a kitschy 50’s prawn cocktail would be delightful with this drop, some lightly grilled calamari or a salmon steak with asparagus.


Alternatively, anything with garlicky, herby or citrusy sauces will do this wine justice and make your drinking even more enjoyable.


Optimal Serving Temp: Chill to 8-10 Degrees Celsius


Drinking Age: Drink Now


The Winery

The Viticoltori della Romangia is a collective wine making society that was founded in 1996, rising from the Cantina Sociale di Sorso Sennori, founded in 1955. Their focus is to produce wines that show the remarkable history and taste of the regions’ typical grapes such as Cannonau and Vermentino.


With their location of the vineyards being on the medium hillsides between Sorso and Sennori that overlook the coastal region of the Gulf of Asinara, this unique territory and microclimate has aided  this vineyard in producing highly awarded and regarded wines within Italy and internationally.


For more, follow @viticoltoridellaromangia


What does Vermentino Di Sardegna ‘D.O.C.’ means?

This refers to the Italian acronym ‘Denominazione di Origine Controllata’ (or ‘Controlled designation of origin’). For Vermentino di Sardegna to carry the ‘D.O.C.’ on the label, it must be produced on the island of Sardegna, follow strict guidelines that control wine ageing requirements and have minimum alcohol levels.



  • Vermentino 100%


Alcohol Content: 14%
Bottle Size: 750ml


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